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We’re here to simplify technology so you can stick to what you do best—running your business. Whatever your business needs, we’ll provide solutions that make sense for your budget. We are your local specialists for all network installations, networking services, upgrades and network maintenance for your business. Got an emergency? Our local support technicians can arrive at your doorstep.


$49 / device

Network Security should be the top priority of any organization. A single security breach is enough to compromise your business’s database and reputation. How well are your network systems protected against security threats? Let IT Network Specialists’ Network Security solutions protect your business against malicious attacks and unwanted intruders.

  • Security audit - we search for and eliminate potential security breaches
  • Antivirus software - keep your systems clean of viruses and malware
  • Firewall - prevent unauthorized access to your network
  • Virtual Private Networks - secure remote network access

IT Network Specialists deploys multiple security layers to block out the most common cyber-security threats including viruses, malware, worms, hacker attacks, and much more. When your systems are clean you can enjoy enhanced functionality and availability, allowing your employees to focus on their jobs and become more productive.

We closely monitor your critical IT infrastructure

Many organizations that experience an operational IT failure realize that they had been neglecting their servers. Maintenance and modernization is important to keep your business running smoothly.

Server Setups And Upgrades

We have quality hardware ready to replace and upgrade your on-premise server. Or, we can migrate the apps and data from your server to the cloud—an economical way for leveraging high-performance, on-demand computing.

Maintenance & Monitoring For All Servers On Your Network

Partner with us to ensure that your systems are running optimally—day and night. We’ll inform you when any component on your network is faulty, before it becomes a failure point in your infrastructure.

VPN And Remote Access

Do you need secure and reliable remote access to company data? We’ll configure a remote connectivity solution for you that is easy to use and works every time you need it.

Firewall And Network Security

We have a number of security products, services, and solutions that will harden your infrastructure and make it highly resilient to external threats.

On-Premise And Cloud Services

We support all major on-premise and cloud-based computing resources. We can help you decide what is best for your business.

Reliable Wireless Access

Get wireless connectivity that is right for your budget. If necessary, we can build a high-capacity solution that provides reliable service and fast access speeds.

Our Network Design service includes:

  • Network upgrade options
  • Network refresh design
  • Adding mobile security
  • Optimizing current systems for a higher level of redundancy or compliance
  • Migrating systems or functions to the cloud
  • Installing new servers, applications or workflows
  • Adding additional locations or new offices
  • Adding a mobile workforce


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